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Most of you who're gonna read this probably won't give a shit, but guess what? IDGAF. You know what that means? Take a wild guess. (No, don't actually, lol.)

Well anyways, I feel that I should inform you about what's been going on with "The Lost Bronies." There's been quite a bit of work going on behind the scenes, but here are some specifics:

1. Survivor Backstory: Jonathon Boutilier - Chapter 3 & 4 in progress and Chapter 1 & 2 rewrite

Yes, you read that right. I plan on rewriting Chapter 1 & 2. Why? For numerous reasons, but specifically because they were poorly wrote and I'm not satisfied with how they turned out. So you will be seeing rewrites of them. And no, I don't plan on deleting the original versions. I'm leaving them there so viewers can see how I've actually put some extra time, work, and thought into them.

As for Chapter 3 & 4, I plan on releasing Chapter 3 in it's entirety once finished. Chapter 4 is being wrote as we speak and after that is Chapter 5. To be fair, I will give a little teaser to the fourth chapter. In that chapter, Jonathon meets the third eventual survivor.

2. "The Lost Bronies" - The Series Itself

Also as we speak, campaign 1 of the series is in development. I don't plan on releasing it for a little while, so it'll be a while 'till you get to mow down those pesky demonic equines. (For those who won't understand, I'll explain later.)

Oh, and the series now has a site/wikia page. The link is here.

3. The Artwork: Special Infected Replacements, Survivor Designs, Etc.

Right now, I'm adding some finishing touches to Rarity, who will be replacing the Charger. I'm also in progress of finishing up Applejack, who'll be replacing the Smoker. As for the Princess Celestia Tank replacement, the problem is I can't think of a good design that doesn't stray too far from her official appearance. I'll come up with one eventually, but as for right now, she's on hiatus.

As for the survivor designs, they're all finalized already. You will see them in the near future sometime (yeah, and I'll grow wings and gain the ability to throw fireballs.)

I figure I should let you know that I'm also in the progress of a poster for the series. It's half done and it's a lot of hard work. I started it earlier this year (May, to be exact) and it's coming along pretty good.

Anyways, I just figured that I should let you know what's going on with "The Lost Bronies." So there you go. Now that that's out of the way, go on and live your lives. I've wasted enough time of them after all, lol.

PS: You may see a surprise in the near future relating to this is I feel like doing it.

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November 14, 2013


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