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There was a reason why the "13 Days of Halloween" uploads haven't been uploaded on schedule. You see, I'm sick atm and I really don't have the energy to draw anything. Which sucks, 'cause I have a few days of work to catch up on now.

However, I can tell you the characters I plan to draw next. In no particular order: the Snowdin guard dogs (Doggo, Dogamy and Dogaressa, Lesser Dog and Greater Dog,) Dr. Alphys, Undyne, Mettaton, Catty and Bratty, Papyrus and Sans, Asgore, Flowey and finally Frisk and Chara.

That should cover the rest of the 13 days, including the ones I missed due to sickness. I'm feeling a bit better now, so I think I can get some more work done...
I forgot to mention that. I'll be back on the 30th.
Answer: Yes
Yeah, so I've been working on something that I think FFNaF fans miight find vvery intereesting. I've been wworking on it since thee beeginning of January, and kknowing how I am with the majority of my projectss (barely mentioning aanything about tthem,) I thought that I should at least mention it even iff it may neverr see the light of day.

Likee I mentioned before, fans of FNaF might enjoy what's in store. I ddid think of some pretty cool iddeas for this project, but those will remain a surprise until it's reveal. So I hope yyou're ready for thiss.

Other than that, the reason for my absence is because I've been busy with college and some things going on in my personal life. I apologize for this, and I'm going to try to be more active when I can.
Oh yeah, there is a secret message hidden in this journal entry. It's definitely not hard to find if you're paying attention.
IT'S ME <---- And no, it's not this. try reading the above paragraphs and see if you notice anything out of place.

Also, poorly worded entry is poorly worded.

Later on today you will see the first of just some of the new things that have been worked on.
I've started on the maps and stuff, but I need to have models made for the infected and survivors. So I'm still working on that. I'm also working on my character's voice work, and the backstory of my character. I'm also getting some sound work done, so that's gonna be coming along nicely.

Basic journal entry, but hey, it works.
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I did, and it was AWESOME. So, what did you guys think of it?
Most of you who're gonna read this probably won't give a shit, but guess what? IDGAF. You know what that means? Take a wild guess. (No, don't actually, lol.)

Well anyways, I feel that I should inform you about what's been going on with "The Lost Bronies." There's been quite a bit of work going on behind the scenes, but here are some specifics:

1. Survivor Backstory: Jonathon Boutilier - Chapter 3 & 4 in progress and Chapter 1 & 2 rewrite

Yes, you read that right. I plan on rewriting Chapter 1 & 2. Why? For numerous reasons, but specifically because they were poorly wrote and I'm not satisfied with how they turned out. So you will be seeing rewrites of them. And no, I don't plan on deleting the original versions. I'm leaving them there so viewers can see how I've actually put some extra time, work, and thought into them.

As for Chapter 3 & 4, I plan on releasing Chapter 3 in it's entirety once finished. Chapter 4 is being wrote as we speak and after that is Chapter 5. To be fair, I will give a little teaser to the fourth chapter. In that chapter, Jonathon meets the third eventual survivor.

2. "The Lost Bronies" - The Series Itself

Also as we speak, campaign 1 of the series is in development. I don't plan on releasing it for a little while, so it'll be a while 'till you get to mow down those pesky demonic equines. (For those who won't understand, I'll explain later.)

Oh, and the series now has a site/wikia page. The link is here.

3. The Artwork: Special Infected Replacements, Survivor Designs, Etc.

Right now, I'm adding some finishing touches to Rarity, who will be replacing the Charger. I'm also in progress of finishing up Applejack, who'll be replacing the Smoker. As for the Princess Celestia Tank replacement, the problem is I can't think of a good design that doesn't stray too far from her official appearance. I'll come up with one eventually, but as for right now, she's on hiatus.

As for the survivor designs, they're all finalized already. You will see them in the near future sometime (yeah, and I'll grow wings and gain the ability to throw fireballs.)

I figure I should let you know that I'm also in the progress of a poster for the series. It's half done and it's a lot of hard work. I started it earlier this year (May, to be exact) and it's coming along pretty good.

Anyways, I just figured that I should let you know what's going on with "The Lost Bronies." So there you go. Now that that's out of the way, go on and live your lives. I've wasted enough time of them after all, lol.

PS: You may see a surprise in the near future relating to this is I feel like doing it.…

This guy sums it up.
Not only is it my 2nd favorite holiday, but it's also the day where all hell breaks loose and every demonic entity is released upon the weak mortal world, turning the entire planet earth into the devil's playground...

The dead rise from their graves to feast on the living, werewolves and vampires are at their maximum level of bloodlust, and the most evil and vile of creatures are out on the hunt for their next victim.

People struggle to survive against the hellish creatures unleashed before them, but in the end there's very few that survive the bloodbath. Eventually, the remaining survivors die from starvation or disease, putting a permanent end to all life as we know it.

...okay, so that doesn't happen. What DOES happen though is that on the 31st of October, well if you don't know it by now, you're stupid.

During the remaining 13 days of Halloween, I'll be uploading some art related to the occasion. Expect MANY cliches (which will most prominently be seen in creepypasta) and lots of blood. There may just be enough to make a blood geyser (comment below if you get the reference.)

Anywho, just thought I'd let y'all know. Now you gonna buy something or what, 'cause there's a staring fee.
As of August 26th, 2013, development on the first campaign of my Left 4 Dead 2 TC "The Lost Bronies" has started! As of right now, I can only give you an idea of what chapter one is gonna be like, and what it's inspired by:

Chapter One: Hotel Escape!

The four survivors meet up and begin their perilous adventure on top of a hotel that they were all staying in at the time of the outbreak. They agree to stick together, despite the differences that some of them share. The four must fight their way through the perilous hotel to get to safety. What they don't know is that the path to safety holds many twists and turns, and the lost ponies are not up to the idea of letting them get to their destination alive...

Inspired by: Dead Center Chapter 1, No Mercy Chapter 1

Notes: The hotel is/will be featured in the survivor backstories, but I just haven't got that far yet. (Jonathon first encounters it at the end of Chapter 3, which will be finished shortly.)

To change it up a little, because the common lost ponies, special lost ponies and the lost bronies are just composed of the mane six, all of the uncommon lost ponies are composed of background ponies.

In Left 4 Dead 2, each campaign had their own uncommon infected, each with a special trait. Each uncommon infected also had reflective clothing, helping differentiate them from the regular Common Infected. Examples of this would be:
  • Dead Center: The CEDA Worker Infected having reflective areas on their suits. As for the Jimmy Gibbs Jr. Infected, I don't know if he has any reflective clothing.
  • The Passing: Some Fallen Survivors have reflective bright red medkits on their backs.
  • Dark Carnival: The Clown Infected's makeup being reflective, which can be the hardest to notice.
  • Swamp Fever: The Mudmen's mud is reflective.
  • Hard Rain: The Worker Infected don reflective vests, which are most noticeable during storms.
  • The Parish: The bands on the Riot Infected's arm, along with the word "Security" on his chest are reflective.
The special abilities of each are also what make them unique. Such as:
  • CEDA Worker Infected: Immune to fire, randomly dropping Bile Bombs upon death.
  • Jimmy Gibbs Jr. Infected: Immune to fire, oil blinding, immune to lure of pipe bombs and bile bombs, large amount of health (1000 HP.)
  • Fallen Survivor Infected: Armored head, large amount of health (1000 HP,) runs away if attacked, immune to fire bullets
  • Clown Infected: Luring surrounding Infected nearby
  • Mudmen Infected: Running on all fours, faster than Common Infected, faster in water, mud blinding capability
  • Worker Infected: Immune to lure of Pipe bombs, resistance to blunt melee attacks
  • Riot Infected: Immune to almost all frontal attacks, randomly dropping Nightsticks upon death.

Anyways, I might as well get to the point. Here's the list of ponies who replace the uncommon infected:

Green CEDA Infected - Lyra Heartstrings
Reason: Because there are two different versions of the CEDA Infected, I wanted to think of two completely different ponies to replace both of them. The thought of Lyra and Bon Bon came to mind, and therefore, were made into the CEDA Infected. I picked those two because they're one of the most popular pairings. Lyra replaces the Green CEDA Infected.

Yellow CEDA Infected - Bon Bon
Reason: Because there are two different versions of the CEDA Infected, I wanted to think of two completely different ponies to replace both of them. The thought of Lyra and Bon Bon came to mind, and therefore, were made into the CEDA Infected. I picked those two because they're one of the most popular pairings. Bon Bon replaces the Yellow CEDA Infected.

Jimmy Gibbs Jr. Infected - Princess Twilight Sparkle
Reason: Jimmy Gibbs Jr. Infected has a very low chance of spawning, therefore make the replacement that most people seem to rage about. Also, she can blind you with her magic.

Fallen Survivor - Derpy Hooves
Reason: Derpy felt like a fitting replacement to me. She also seemed to be the most popular background character at the time of her pick.

Clown Infected - Octavia
Reason: I don't know why, but I think it was because of her violin or viola or whatever the hell her instrument is.

Mudmen Infected - Berry Punch
Reason: Again. don't know why, but I'm thinking that it had to do with the fan's depiction of her. She could blind the player with punch, rather than mud. The punch comes from a bottle she carries.

Worker Infected - DJ P0N-3/Vinyl Scratch
Reason: Picturing her with a set of headphones connected to a walkman/mp3/ipod located on her hip seems like a very fitting replacement if you ask me.

RIOT Infected - Trixie Lulamoon
Reason: Trixie's badass amulet made me think about putting her as the RIOT replacement. But really, I figured that Trixie needed some TLC too, so I made her the RIOT replacement. Her cape and hat will be kinda bulletproof (probably not, but reduce all damage by half,) and her amulet is bulletproof.

There's the list, I could have done a better job at explaining things, but I'm REALLY TIRED, so I'mma wait for another time to do so.
With the release of Equestria Girls, Sunset Shimmer's popularity seems to have grown immensely. She seems to have been established as a new favorite amongst the fan base.

Because she's become more popular, I'm might be making her an uncommon lost pony in "The Lost Bronies." She meets the criteria for being an uncommon lost. With that being said, the criteria for an uncommon lost pony is:

1. They have to be popular and/OR well known amongst the fan base.

2A. They have to have appeared in some sort of official MLP:FiM media (preferably in the show.)

2B. In very rare cases, they may appear in fan works only and be selected. Again, this is a very rare case.

3. They MUST be a female pony (Sorry Dr. Whooves.)

4. They must be an average size pony. Not filly size, not Celestia size, normal size.

*5. There was a fifth rule, but I can't remember what it is at the moment.

With that being said, Sunset fills out all of these requirements. While I am considering of making her an uncommon lost pony, I want you to tell me what you think about it. Tell me what you think in the comments. I'm leaning towards yes on this for the record.
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Read all about it here:…

Man, I hope they make Half-Life 3, but I want a Left 4 Dead 3 even more. I don't know why, I just like the teamwork based gameplay of Left 4 Dead better (even when your teammates are incompetent half of the time, lol.)
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This is an announcement for those who can compose music! Please comment and let me know if you can or know someone who can!

So I tried to compose some music for my Left 4 Dead 2 TC "The Lost Bronies," when I realized something: I'm not that good at composing music.

So I ask you: does any brony know how to compose music? Because I'm hiring music composers for "The Lost Bronies!"

Please comment below if you are interested or if you know of someone who would be interested. Help would be greatly appreciated! :iconrainbowdashpls:
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A teaser is up for Part 1, Chapter 3. Check it out, if you like.

Link here - secretagentjonathon.deviantart…
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The names of the four survivors are:

Jonathon Boutilier

Tiffany Masterson

Daniel Waterfield (or Waterson, I can't remember right now.)

Mark Anderson

Notable things about the survivors:

Jonathon Boutilier:

1. Brony

2. Brolan

3. Neutral to everything

4. Has something he calls "Bi-polar Brony Syndrome."

Tiffany Masterson:

1. Kinda likes MLP: FiM

2. Most positive of the four

3. Sometimes wears a Rainbow Dash jacket

4. Occasionally makes shoutouts to MLP: FiM

Daniel Waterfield:

1. Hates MLP: FiM

2. First Person Shooter Fan

3. Experienced with weapons previous to outbreak

4. Has a lighter side that's very rarely seen

Mark Anderson:

1. Brony, tends to obsess sometimes

2. Sometimes hates having to kill lost ponies

3. His favorite pony is unknown

4. Met Jonathon previous to the outbreak

More details at a later date.
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The music that plays when the Fluttershy Witch Replacement is close by is up. Here it is!:…

Here's the link to the picture: secretagentjonathon.deviantart…
If no one has guessed it yet, I'm making a total conversion of Left 4 Dead 2 called "The Lost Bronies."

More information at a later date.