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Spooky Kart - Character Mockup: Spooky by SecretAgentJonathon Spooky Kart - Character Mockup: Spooky by SecretAgentJonathon
Just a little thing I made up out of boredom.
In my version of what would be Spooky Kart, every character would have their own vehicle with their own stats and abilities. A major part of it would have an emphasis on vehicular combat, and if damaged enough their vehicle would explode and set them back a fair bit in the race.
Here's what Spooky's select screen would look like.

Name: Spooky
Vehicle: Hummer
    Even though it doesn't look like it, this hummer is one powerful force of nature! While it might not be able to jump the highest or steer the best, it excels in speed and strength. With strength like that, why would you want anything else?

     Pulp Crusher - When driving close enough to another racer, this ability allows Spooky to run over the other racer with ease and deal a large amount of damage. This ability is unique as it does not require the special bar to be filled in order to be used.
    • Darkside Ram - When the special bar is level 2, Spooky can unleash a devastating charge attack that gives her a boost of speed, deals a large amount of damage and can knock the victims off course.
    • Shockwave - When the special bar is level 1, Spooky can release a large wave of energy that can knock other racers and projectiles away from her vehicle.

Vehicle Statistics:
Armor: 8/10
Speed: 7/10
Accel: 7/10
Brake: 3/10
Jump:  2/10

Ability Power:
• Pulp Crusher: 8/10
• Darkside Ram: 8/10
• Shockwave: 4/10

    • The ability "Darkside Ram" is based off of the vehicle's ability to knock opposing cars away in the "Spooky Kart" minigame from the original "Spooky's House of Jumpscares."
    • The name of the ability "Darkside Ram" is a reference to the character Darkside from "Twisted Metal," as it's special attack involves ramming an opposing vehicle at a high velocity.

Spooky's House of Jumpscares © 2014 - 2016 Lag Studios
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June 2, 2016
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