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Week 3, Night 2 Phone Call:

This phone call occurs if the player picks up a ringing phone around 2 & 3 AM (Subject to change.)
I haven't really decided what I want to do with this yet, but the above option is a possibility.

[Phone Pick-up]

[REDACTED]: Hello?

???: Hello, [REDACTED]... Bet you didn't expect a call from little ol' me, huh?

[REDACTED]: Damn right about that you psychotic animatronic!

???: Please, call me Bonnibelle. You may also call me Bon-Bon, if you so desire.

[REDACTED]: What do you want?

Bonnibelle: I just wanted to have a little chat with the security guard taking care of the place, is all.

[REDACTED]: Why, so you can murder me while my attention is diverted?

Bonnibelle: Ah ha ha, don't be silly! Why on earth would I do that?

[REDACTED]: 'Cause we BOTH know that you and your animatronic buddies would love to kill me when my guard is down!

Bonnibelle: Granted, that statement does have a bit of truth to it, but why would I hurt a person of interest?

[REDACTED]: Because- ...

[REDACTED]: ...what did you just call me?

Bonnibelle: A person of interest. You know, a person who-

[REDACTED]: I know what it means, damn it!

Bonnibelle: Good, that saves me an explanation. Now then, how's your night been?

[REDACTED]: What the- but- you would- ugh, I mean it could be worse but-

Bonnibelle: Good to hear, mine? Been pretty good, having a BLAST hunting you down. Haven't had this much fun in years!

[REDACTED]: *sarcasm* Ooh, I can only IMAGINE.

Bonnibelle: By the way, where's your suit? Don't you know it's against the rules to be without it?

[REDACTED]: You KNOW I'm not an animatronic endoskeleton, right?

Bonnibelle: I am well aware of this fact.

[REDACTED]: I had the feeling.

Bonnibelle: Come on now, [REDACTED], it won't be that bad. Surely, it might sting a bit but it'll be better for everyone in the end. Ever wonder what life is like beyond the threshold?

[REDACTED]: What the- look, I don't know what this "threshold" is but I-

Bonnibelle: Oh, I should probably leave you get back to your job. I think I've taken enough of your time.

[REDACTED]: Now hold on a second!

Bonnibelle: See you soon, sweetie.

[Phone hangs up on other end]


[Phone hangs up]

[REDACTED]: I HATE it when those animatronics call me!

[REDACTED]: And... when she said "person of interest," did she imply what I think she was?

[REDACTED]: Man, that Bonnibelle's a bit of a creepy one. If she's like that, I can only assume her toy counterpart is similar.
This is a draft for a phone call the player can receive on Night 2 of Week 3. Bonnibelle is a female version of Bonnie, and I will be providing some more insight on Bonnibelle in the near future. I also sorta made a few references to a certain artist's rendition of Bonnie with Bonnibelle's dialogue. Guess who it is.
It was TGWeaver's incarnation of Bonnie who I referenced.

If anyone wants to know more about anything involving this project and/or possibly help out with it, just let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Five Weeks at Freddy's © 2015  Me

Five Nights at Freddy's © 2014 - 2015 Scott Cawthon
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Submitted on
July 11, 2015