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Switchie: The Nintendo Switch Dog by SecretAgentJonathon Switchie: The Nintendo Switch Dog :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 4 0 Spooky Kart - Character Mockup: Spooky by SecretAgentJonathon Spooky Kart - Character Mockup: Spooky :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 6 0 W.I.P: Pegaslut Sketch (photo) by SecretAgentJonathon W.I.P: Pegaslut Sketch (photo) :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 0 0
ProtonJon: The Repercussions of Majyuuou
ProtonJon waited. The eyes in the backsgrond was dormant and starred into his soul. There were demons in the fleshy hellish base. He didn’t see them, but had expected them now for minutes. His warnings to Coronar Lucha were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
Jon was a lettus playorer for a long fukkin amont mesured in minutes. When he was young he watched the romhakx and he said to dad “I want to be in the dethwatr daddy.”
Dad said “No! You will BE KILL BY DEMONS”
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the fleshy house base of the hell he knew there were demons.
“This is Reeces peesis” the radio crackerled. “You must fight the demons!”
So Jon gotted his daemon fire and blew up the boss.
“HE GOING TO KILL US” said the king of demon
“I will slide at him” said the dauhter damon and she fired the spiked missiles. Jon flamed at her
:iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 0 0
Undertale - [Temmie Intesifies] by SecretAgentJonathon Undertale - [Temmie Intesifies] :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 27 8 Undertale - Dogamy and Dogaressa (WIP) by SecretAgentJonathon Undertale - Dogamy and Dogaressa (WIP) :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 1 0 Undertale - Napstablook Vector by SecretAgentJonathon Undertale - Napstablook Vector :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 11 5 Undertale - Toriel Dreemurr by SecretAgentJonathon Undertale - Toriel Dreemurr :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 1 0 Undertale - ProtonJon and Lucahjin (In Color!) by SecretAgentJonathon Undertale - ProtonJon and Lucahjin (In Color!) :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 1 0 Undertale - Papyrus with Popcorn (In Color) by SecretAgentJonathon Undertale - Papyrus with Popcorn (In Color) :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 18 2 FNaF - The Gang's All Here Photograph by SecretAgentJonathon FNaF - The Gang's All Here Photograph :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 0 3 Dark Lord BarbieDorf by SecretAgentJonathon Dark Lord BarbieDorf :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 3 2 [VECTOR] The Illustrious and Handsome Dr. Dick by SecretAgentJonathon [VECTOR] The Illustrious and Handsome Dr. Dick :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 0 0
Five Weeks at Freddy's- W3,N2 Bon-Bon Call Draft 1
Week 3, Night 2 Phone Call:
This phone call occurs if the player picks up a ringing phone around 2 & 3 AM (Subject to change.)
I haven't really decided what I want to do with this yet, but the above option is a possibility.
[Phone Pick-up]
[REDACTED]: Hello?
???: Hello, [REDACTED]... Bet you didn't expect a call from little ol' me, huh?
[REDACTED]: Damn right about that you psychotic animatronic!
???: Please, call me Bonnibelle. You may also call me Bon-Bon, if you so desire.
[REDACTED]: What do you want?
Bonnibelle: I just wanted to have a little chat with the security guard taking care of the place, is all.
[REDACTED]: Why, so you can murder me while my attention is diverted?
Bonnibelle: Ah ha ha, don't be silly! Why on earth would I do that?
[REDACTED]: 'Cause we BOTH know that you and your animatronic buddies would love to kill me when my guard is down!
Bonnibelle: Granted, that statement does have a bit of truth to it, but why would I hurt a person of interest?
:iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 0 0
''The Lost Bronies'' - Prototype Lost Pinkie Pie 2 by SecretAgentJonathon ''The Lost Bronies'' - Prototype Lost Pinkie Pie 2 :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 1 0 ''The Lost Bronies'' - Prototype Lost Pinkie Pie 1 by SecretAgentJonathon ''The Lost Bronies'' - Prototype Lost Pinkie Pie 1 :iconsecretagentjonathon:SecretAgentJonathon 3 1
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Journal History

There was a reason why the "13 Days of Halloween" uploads haven't been uploaded on schedule. You see, I'm sick atm and I really don't have the energy to draw anything. Which sucks, 'cause I have a few days of work to catch up on now.

However, I can tell you the characters I plan to draw next. In no particular order: the Snowdin guard dogs (Doggo, Dogamy and Dogaressa, Lesser Dog and Greater Dog,) Dr. Alphys, Undyne, Mettaton, Catty and Bratty, Papyrus and Sans, Asgore, Flowey and finally Frisk and Chara.

That should cover the rest of the 13 days, including the ones I missed due to sickness. I'm feeling a bit better now, so I think I can get some more work done...



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